A Path Appears


A Film & Conversation on Human Trafficking...

Modern slavery is an issue that impacts every single country in the world, with somewhere between 20-40 million people being enslaved across the globe. Of these, 81% are forced into labor and 18% are being sexually exploited. Women and girls make up the majority at 71% and 26% of victims are under the age of eighteen. Human trafficking is not just a problem in far-away places; it is present in all fifty of the United States.

On Wednesday, June 20th, Otter Creek Church learned more about human trafficking as it happens locally and globally. We watched a film screening on Part 1 of the series A Path Appears, shot in Nashville and explores what sex trafficking looks like both here and around the U.S. We also heard from Survivor Leaders at Thistle Farms, a local non-profit that provides employment opportunities for formerly trafficked individuals. Also, Hope for Justice, a non-profit group that helps investigate and prosecute traffickers, shared how we can help end human trafficking through raising awareness and supporting organizations like Thistle Farms and Hope for Justice.

Otter Creek Church hopes to continue this conversation in the future and be part of solutions. Please stay tuned for more information!