Disaster relief - what you can do

So many are asking, "What can we do?"  Millions of people in Texas , Florida, and Puerto Rico have been affected and are still desperate for our help. National guard and state troops have been mobilized as well as the Federal Emergency Management Agency.  These regions are in various stages of emergency & recovery.

The best thing we can do at this time is to fund & send supplies to the front lines.  There are numerous organizations whose sole expertise is to deliver these much needed supplies to victims of natural disasters.  If you can help, please check out these trustworthy avenues:


disaster relief Effort

This organization collects and delivers to local congregations truckloads of emergency food, personal hygiene, infant care, water, cleaning supplies, and pallets of additional basic needs, for them to distribute to the disaster victims. 


Food For the Poor, Inc.

Food for the Poor is actively working to bring much needed medical supplies, water, and food for the many struggling in Puerto Rico. They need your financial support in this time of crisis. Visit their site and learn more.



If you would like to be a part of the YMCA's relief efforts, text the word HOUSTON to 91999 to make a donation. Your support will help us provide the families and individuals who come to YMCA with their basic needs in this time of crisis.

*Thank you for your love and concern for our neighbors!  Perhaps you would like to help organize or fund a trip to one of these areas.  Please email duane@ottercreek.org to begin planning now.