Thank You's From Puerto Rico


Thank you's From Puerto Rico

This past September, hurricane Maria ravaged the island of Puerto Rico. The 155 mph winds claimed at least 64 lives and left millions of others without food, water, and electricity for an extended period of time. In fact, hundreds of thousands of residents are still without electricity today. The damages are estimated to be upwards of 94 Billion dollars.

This event was/is so heartbreaking. Nature has such a power over humankind and can be so devastating. While Otter Creek could not possibly take away the pain and suffering of this broken island, we knew we had to do something!

Otter Creek budgets a specific amount for helping others. When this disaster took place, money from that fund went directly toward much needed supplies.

Otter Creek members went even further by sending four deluxe water filtration systems - the big ones (each capable of servicing hundreds of people!). We sent bug spray, wipes, and over a thousand diapers! Through some key connections, those supplies were distributed to one of the hardest hit areas on the island.

Your contributions matter. Otter Creek received many thank you notes from Puerto Rican families touched by your giving. One young mother rites:

"A big hug of gratefulness for your expression of love through gifts and attention sent to help us on such difficult moments. May God bless you all!"
                                                                                      - Rosalba

Gabriela & Jose (pictured above) created this artwork…they too say thank you!