meet Mikey...


Meet Mikey...

Mikey’s 15 y.o. and he’s been part of YES for most of his life. He and his brother, his sister, and their three cousins live together just 3 doors down from YES on McIver Street. The YES Director says Mikey comes to everything they offer.

He started playing in the YES basketball league when he was only 7. Last year, Mikey and his team won the whole thing - his team was called the McIver Street Wolfpack! This school year, Mikey was the only freshman at Glencliff High School to make both the Freshman team and the Varsity basketball team.

YES basketball helped shape Mikey as a player and as a person. He says, “My home life is not good and so knowing that YES is open all day on Saturdays is really comforting. I learned to love the game of basketball at YES. I'm thankful for all of my coaches and mentors that made me who I am today."

This year, Mikey got his first job with YES making $5 a game as the league’s scoreboard operator. Each Saturday Mikey sticks around until the very end making sure the gym is clean - he says, "because this is my home and I want it to look good".

Mikey has overcome so many trials throughout his childhood and YES has been there to love and support him at every turn.

Each month, part of your contributions go directly to YES. And for that, we say Thank You!