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TN Prison Outreach Ministry

I want to introduce you to Donnie. After serving 29 years in various Tennessee prisons, Donnie was released in September of 2017. Twenty-nine years in prison, I can only imagine, would drain the hope right out of a person. Somehow, Donnie found Tennessee Prison Outreach Ministries (or TPOM). Before that day, Donnie had never been exposed to Christ’s church or the teachings of Jesus. During a TPOM class, Donnie mentioned that he didn't think God could ever forgive him for what he had done. A caring teacher talked about the Apostle Paul and his dark past and how God chose Paul to be a great instrument in the Kingdom. Donnie had a breakthrough that day. He wept at the thought that he too could be forgiven. Now, he starts every day with prayer and devotion. He works full-time here in Nashville. He attends Celebrate Recovery on Thursday nights and TPOM’s worship services on Sundays. With patient help, Donnie has rediscovered hope as he rebuilds his life day by day.

I am so thankful for amazing organizations like TPOM. Otter Creek is proud to be partnered with this local initiative. You may not have known that the contributions you make online or in these plates we pass around are helping to rebuild people like Donnie one valuable life at a time. So, thank you.